An escapade: Venice Grand Canal in Taguig City (quick guide)

Hey! This is definitely not an ordinary Saturday. I got to explore the Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig City. I was amazed by its well designed building and landscape inside and outside the mall as inspired from the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. The concept was clearly on point that I was so in a…… Continue reading An escapade: Venice Grand Canal in Taguig City (quick guide)

My midnight sky

It was five years ago. How can I forget about it? How can I not think of you? In dim light and stillness, I was mesmerized watching your face while you were asleep. The midnight sky fill up dark rooms as I recall your captivating presence. Alcohol in my veins, I am aware that I…… Continue reading My midnight sky

Can you take me back?

You’re looking over us. You should’ve told me when to come. On my own, I fixed cars and broken hearts. At 24, I must’ve known things a lot. Growing up away from solitude is haunted. You left us wary of where to go every time we leave. Begging for another daydream to end. Yet, every…… Continue reading Can you take me back?

If I could take you away

Hold me inside your heart, and I will keep pounding to hear its beating. In my dreams, you come to rescue me. The nights have brought joy to our past, and we feel alive again. I walked around town. They still know your face, and asked me if you moved out. I woke up in…… Continue reading If I could take you away

The Happy Fish Kids of Taganilao

Two weeks ago, I had the amazing experience to bond with new friends and to witness the beauty of the countryside. What makes the journey meaningful is the outreach program for the community of Taganilao, Brgy. Tamisan in Davao Oriental (also I considered Taganilao as my second hometown). The target group is the children of…… Continue reading The Happy Fish Kids of Taganilao